Military Installation and Vessels

PQI’s high-performance products offer a cost-effective and reliable solution for military bases seeking to meet their power quality and efficiency goals. PQI’s products are also uniquely suited for application on military vessels, where power quality is a primary concern.


 Typical Application   Additional Benefits within Military Installations & Vessels
DY & DV Distribution TransFilters™

Harmonic mitigating transformers:
- DY for medium K-Factor loads
- DV for high K-Factor loads

- Reduces power costs
- Reduces penalty losses due to harmonic currents
- Reduces transformer heating and A/C loading
- Reduces THDv to less than 5% at nonlinear loads or motor drivers
- Reduces losses in the loads, there by reducing A/C requirements 
- Improves switch-mode power supply's 'ride-through' capability
- Balances primary phase currents
- Assures system compatibility with sensitive electronic loads 
- Capable of developing 12-, 18-, 24- and 36-pulse primary systems

Z Filter
(l0 Filter & Mini-Z)

High K-Factor loads (l0 Filter)
Load-end of branch circuits (Mini-Z)

- Reduces neutral-to-ground voltages to <4V at nonlinear loads (<1V for Mini-Z)
- Increases general purpose (K-1) transformer capacity by up to 54%
- Protects upstream neutral conductor
- Increases feeder and bus capacity
- Balances feeder and bus phase currents (& branch circuit for Mini-Z)

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